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Children are told stories to fall asleep -
adults to wake up.

Jorge Bucay

We often have a wrong impression of a person because we simply don’t know his or her experiences, or history. Have you ever asked yourself why a person is the way they are? Which experiences have shaped them? What successes or setbacks has the person that stands behind a company experienced?

When we read stories of people, we get to know the real humans and learn from each other.

Stories have a domino effect on the lives of others.
WirSindDu is a platform, where people read and share their stories.

We are humans, who care about other humans. Happy and successful people are our motivation. Through stories we discover the purpose of our existence. Purpose makes our life complete. We constantly question the status quo. We are convinced that each one of us can make a difference. Our individual stories are:

Together we can build something bigger than each individually. 

One Story at a time.

Who are you?
What is important to you?
Why are you the way you are?
What is the reason you exist?
Why do you wake up in the morning?

These are the most important questions we have to ask ourselves in our complex lives. This is the essence of our life, the “why” of our existence. Storytelling is a powerful tool that helps us discover our purpose, make sense of our lives.  When you tell your story, you will slowly peel off all the labels that society has given you, one by one, like layers of onions. You will get to know your true self, feeling free and empowered. 

Why ? Why stories?


people like you

we share our stories.

Why stories?

Stories inspire.

To learn about the lives of other people helps us grow from their experiences, successes and failures. We learn from actions and their consequences, from acceptance and injustice.

Stories sell.

"Storytelling for business" is the foundation and a tool to discover and communicate the purpose of a company. Through stories, your company will be ready for the transformation from shareholder to stakeholder value.

Stories connect.

Regardless of whether the story has a business or personal purpose, they have the power to connect our emotions with the logical and make the everyday more interesting.

Stories teach.

They teach us and help us to learn from failures. They show us what is possible. They communicate values, practices and traditions. Stories are the source of valuable experiences.

Stories transform.

They allow us to see the world in a different way, to change our perspective. They provide explanations that confirm our values and beliefs.

Stories are WirSindDu

Through our shared stories and values, we build a community that expands glocal (local+global) and from which private as well as business benefit. We build cooperation and new opportunities.

Together we can move society.
One story at a time. 

I am an entrepreneur.

Why should I share my story?

People love stories about other people. Instead of just talking about products and services, tell your story:

Who is the person behind your company? What makes your company unique? It’s not the products, it’s you. When you tell your story:

  • you stand out from the competition
  • you will be remembered by your customers
  • you make your business known and unique
  • your business gets a human face
  • in the end you win fans and loyal customers

People don’t buy what you do
they buy why you do it.

Simon Sinek

What we can do for your company

we think differently
From "Whats" via "How"to "Why"

We accompany you to discover your why, because only if you find your why, you connect emotionally with your customers and will position your company properly in the new digital world.

Marketing meets "Purpose".

Conventional marketing no longer works in the new digital transformation. We need to rethink marketing. The community, a new we-culture, is the key to success in today’s society. Through Purpose Marketing we change the focus from the I to the We.

The human, as entrepreneur or leader and the employees are the faces of a company. Founding stories are unique, they have the power to move people. They feature a hero, a conflict and a solution. We connect the human factor in the company with the purpose of the company. We develop a marketing and communication strategy based on the why of your company. 

People and their needs are at the center in the new world. We develop a corporate identity based on the people standing behind the company. This provides the company with a human face, a personality. The why of the company is always reflected in our work.

Design is our passion. We are convinced that design changes the world. We learn about people and companies and create design concepts together.

We make social media easy for our customers. We provide solutions for social media appearances, short video clips, social media planning and consulting.

We like to share our knowledge and we believe in the power of cooperation. We are always open for new ideas.

In an increasing digital world, the need for belonging is growing, WirSindDu is creating a new way of togetherness between people and companies, based on meaning and shared values in a glocal (global + local) environment.


In 4 Steps
to your story



As a private person your story is free! First of all you have to register. If you are an entrepreneur and want to share your company’s or product’s story please contact us.  We have different solutions for you.



After you register you can upload or middy your story. You can also upload photos, pdfs or word files. If something is not working, just  contact us.



We try to make our editing and approval process as short as possible.

Stay with it with us! We will inform you as soon as we are done.



You will receive an email when your story is published. At any time, you can let us know if you want to modify your story. We are flexible and want you to feel comfortable with us.

Carmen's story

How it all began.

We all know the cliché that nothing happens by chance. I never really took the time to think about it. I am not someone who analyzes myself a lot. I just take life as it comes and try to do my best. When I look back at how it all began, I realize that the circumstances that led me to WirSindDu were not accidental and they actually had a purpose. Like small pieces of a big puzzle.

Read my story…

Unlock the power of storytelling!

You can download our tips and guidelines for storytelling here. 

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