Looking back…<br>Sally, <br> Texas, USA

LEBEN Looking back… First of all, I can’t believe I am seventy-two and wonder what has happened to all the years since I was fifty. In fact, I have wasted them. My husband died in 2001 and since then I have nothing to show for my life. It upsets me, but there you are. I […]

Chasing the Linear Life Plan, <br> Gary <br> Denver, USA Part 1

WORK+LIFE I haven’t hit 80 yet, but I’m sneaking up on it- I’ll be 78 in a couple of months. I think that’s close enough to be qualified to provide some insight. For starters, my first 78 years are exactly like yours in one respect – it has been an ongoing series of choices and […]

Alone In Thailand <br> Charissa <br> Colorado, USA <br>Part 3

LEBEN Alone In Thailand Murderers look just like anyone else- Part 3 The plane landed. I got my luggage from the terminal and the grad students who were sent to pick me up came walking up to me: a girl named Grace and a guy named Golf. They seemed very nice but also I thought,  ”murderers […]

What’s like being my age. <br>Asad <br>Gurugram, India

LIFE What’s like being my age. I just started thinking about how it is like being 23. To help my brain out, I started dwelling on how life was at 18,19,20…. I was just reading ‘The Outsider’ by Albert Camus when I stumbled on this question. These lyrics from a Jeremy Zucker song describes 23 pretty well […]

Stuck in business?<br>Hector <br>Texas, USA

WORK+ LIFE What would you do when you get stuck in business? “Hey, Pete, I just purchased a new Land Cruiser. Let’s take it off-road to test!” My friend immediately agreed. We had no idea what lay ahead of us that day. Soon we found ourselves riding over boulders, pits, ditches and sandy areas. The […]

Alone in Thailand<br> Charissa<br> Colorado, USA <br>Part 2

LEBEN Alone In Thailand The emotional rollercoaster before movingPart 2 Weirdly, after that tirade of suspicion, I was completely numb and emotionless for the last month and a half of the semester. I definitely had a building deficiency of sleep from my Senior Design project, at one point I only slept for two hours in […]