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About Friends, Friendships and Happiness.

When I moved to Thailand, I was incredibly lonely.

Not speaking the language, I lived for months in silence. I desperately wanted human connection. I just wanted to speak with someone.

My standard for becoming friends with someone dropped to having the ability to speak English. That’s all it took.

My new best friends became a 70 year old English man and his Thai wife.

They would take me to markets on the weekends sometimes and talk with me if I ate dinner at their shop.

When I walked around the lake every day, I became friends with a 40 year old Thai man who used to work on cruise ships and could speak a decent amount of English to me.

A little 17 year old girl from Uruguay that I met at the gym

became one of my good friends as well, she was studying abroad to learn Thai.

For the first time in my life, I had friends of all ages from all backgrounds.

My whole life, I’ve only been friends with people who were within a couple years of my own age. The only older men I talked to was my grandpa, I’d never called an older man a friend. I avoided high schoolers. Forty year old men and women were my parents age, I didn’t want to hang out with them.

But, let me tell you, life became so much richer as soon as I did.

70 year old men have lived a lot of life and can teach you a lot of things. 

40 year old cruise ship waiters can tell you about a lot of life experiences that you’ve never had. 

17 year old girls from high school can teach you about their way of life in Uruguay and supporting them can bring a lot of meaning to your life.

I think most people limit themselves to a bubble of friends who are the same age as them

and in the same stage of life. I think that really limits yourself and the depth of relationships you can have.

I want to stay open to everyone for the rest of my life. It’s so much better this way.

Charissa Enget

Hello, I am Charissa.
I moved from the United States to Thailand
after completing my degree in Mechanical Engineering
to pursue my Master’s Degree.
I am the girl obsessed with Thailand.
You can read more about me on my blog.

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