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Spain? Italy? or completely new ways?

That can't be, there are still 6 weeks left.

said my mother shortly before I was born and thus the path was laid: Always earlier than everyone else!
In fact, due to a “number mistake” I was too early in kindergarten, due to my date of birth (4 days before the deadline) also in school the youngest, due to an older brother, already 2 years before everyone else at communion and confirmation, due to a change in company policy (we now also hire Realschule students for the first time … ) the youngest bank trainee of a major German bank and probably because of all these things later also the youngest bank director in Germany, youngest branch manager in the bank where I was allowed to work, youngest member of the management and a few years ago also almost one of the youngest private investor, and at the end of my professional career.

But now one after the other

because I actually wanted to become a banker or a florist. The trial work at my preferred flower store, however, took place on the Sunday of the Dead and at the cemetery. Both actually led me directly into the arms of a large German bank. The apprenticeship left me enough time to devote to my passion, soccer, the necessary training time for the third highest league in Germany, or so I thought…..
After an intermediate examination, which was only satisfactory in terms of grades and for me, I had to make a decision after a very intensive discussion: Soccer or the apprenticeship – I stayed with the bank and said the sport completely “goodbye” – 35kg later I knew that this decision was a bit too radical.

How do you make a career in a corporation?

I decided against the variant of the 16 hour day and became the expert in the niche. Yes, it is hard to imagine today, but as the first employee who had a computer (Schneider brand for all of my year 😉 at home and could therefore operate it reasonably, I became the expert for electronic banking.
Now I was allowed to advise the big companies and corporations, what a difference to the banking profession I had learned. No teller work, no savings plans, and no deposits or withdrawals to savings accounts. I quickly learned what was needed everywhere: People skills and enjoyment of what you do.

The birth of our first son was the signal

for the first change – home office, free time management, company car, mobile phone and a laptop, were too much to turn down. Okay, there was also a bit of chance and luck involved, but there I had come very far, very quickly and was now allowed to manage branches, motivate large units and lead them to success.
After another 3 children – and a few career steps – I had now arrived in management and “banking” and especially “leading” a lot of people brought an incredible amount of fun and recognition. Coaching executives, mentoring and again and again companies with exciting ideas, investments or even challenges, which I was allowed to advise and support.

Well - the financial crisis changed this industry

and at the beginning, I also found the now more inward-looking duties very enriching and exciting. How do you realign the business model, which new rules can be adhered to and how, how do you achieve the right size and most importantly: how can you do justice to the company and its employees?
After some time, the first big changes were done, but the focus remained the same. One good conversation later, it was clear to me – time for something new. Not “being allowed” to work for a whole year is a luxury, and instead of going to Italy as planned, it took our family to Mallorca, unplanned. There we fell in love with a property that we could not part with, again unplanned.

After this year I was able to plan for my future.

as an independent business coach and also work as a consultant in strategic projects for banks and companies.
In the meantime, I am 51 years old, a grandfather, ride an e-bike with enthusiasm and will celebrate my “silver wedding anniversary” this year.
All this is great, but what is really great is everything that will happen in the future, both planned and especially unplanned.

I am looking forward to it!

Jürgen N.

Jürgen N.

D+J Consult


Daniela + Jürgen Nedvidek Schenkendorfstr. 31 71636 Ludwigsburg
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