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A hamster wheel

only looks like a career ladder from the inside!

For a short time I became an honorary lecturer

and seminar leader. It’s a lot of fun, it’s exhausting, but I can control it myself and influence what, when and with whom I want to work. My current account is no longer in minus!
I used to want to be a teacher, did children’s services in the church, led youth groups.
My turning point? When I was unemployed at the age of 58. 35 years of experience in various management positions at well-known automotive suppliers and mechanical engineering companies. Always successful, always well earned.

and now?

After 4 months of applications, among others also as a castellan for a castle,children’s playground inspector, GF delicatessen, head of task force explosive ordnance disposal service, I ended up at Aurelia Holding AG iprogram to become an operations manager for medium-sized businesses BM.M., self-management, self-discovery.

What do I want? What can I do?

I can talk, present, explain. Do I want to run after big companies and performance figures and be under pressure to perform at the age of 59?
No, I don’t!
But what do I want?
Start a consulting company?
Regionally and specifically for small and medium-sized companies.
Is that really what I want?
To advise companies, to be under pressure to succeed, to be blamed if the managing director can’t implement what has been planned?
No, I don’t want that!
So no consulting. But seminars, trainings, workshops.

And as I said, it's a lot of fun!
I'm on my way!
Nobody can stop me now!

Mike B.

Aurelia Holding AG

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