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Suddenly I had a problem

Initial realizations showed me very quickly that no matter how refined and how perfectly designed a traditional job application was - I almost always got the response "...unfortunately we have to inform you..."

What did I do wrong?

Why didn’t I get an interview? That’s it….I had to succeed in getting an interview directly with the decision-maker – without a formal application – in order to convince them through my personality. I started researching and chose a company that appealed to me. A C-supplier for auxiliaries and operating supplies that succeeded in becoming one of the largest distributors within a few years. I spent countless hours finding out everything I could about the company. I had to find out what drives the company and the decision maker. I read articles and publications up and down and learned the company’s philosophy and strategy. That’s how I discovered that the company uses the EKS strategy. I was already familiar with this from before, which is the so-called bottleneck-focused or nature-conforming strategy. Professor Hans Hass called it Energo-Cybernetic Management Doctrine. Now I had found my starting point.

My EKS knowledge and skills will help me

to find a direct line to the corporate decision maker.
I knew the 4 EKS basic principles:

  • Concentration of resources on one’s own potential strengths
  • Orientation of the resources to a narrowly defined target group
  • Going into the gap (market niche) where nobody wants to go.
  • Developing in depth problem solving. Do not remain superficial. Delivering complete solutions all the way to market leadership.

From then on, it was easy for me.

I analyzed the dealer’s strategy and identified further development potential in my target group (craftsmen), which I know very well. I wrote to the managing director and applied for a strategy meeting. As an alternative, I gave him two dates, favoring the second date. I informed him that I had prepared a presentation and that he should involve his managers.

I have to admit it, I was a little surprised,

that it immediately worked out without further discussion. Two days later, the manager invited me to the aforementioned second appointment. More than that, he asked me if he had to provide some equipment. My presentation about the most important problems of the craft industry convinced him, and for a good fee I was commissioned to provide the solutions. After this success, I successfully applied and completed this method with another 6 well-known companies.
100% success – 6 attempts – 6 times success.

Based on this, I have created these rules for myself:

  • I no longer apply for jobs. I use my strengths, insights and skills.

  • I look for ONE company and search like a truffle dog for the customer wishes, which the entrepreneur has to solve.

  • I look for the loophole that nobody wants to solve. Thus, I go with my solution approaches, which are not easily copied, in an exclusive customer group.

  • I show my findings and solution approaches that I have recognized and go deep into problem solving.


Helmut Steinl

Helmut Steinl

Aurelia Holding AG


Stuttgart-Vaihingen Untere Waldplätze 36 70569 Stuttgart 
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