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Do you believe in destiny?

As far as I can remember, I have always loved space, natural beauty, places off the beaten track. And a bit of chaos, the unknown.

I never felt at home or alive in Germany where I was born.

Yearning for a change, I travelled the world. I visited North, Central and South America. I visited Asia. Sometimes only for a holiday with my backpack, sometimes for a few months and the “real” experience. Studying, working. I soaked in all the sights and experiences… and returned to the comfort of my home and “security” afterwards. With pictures, souvenirs, new friends and memories to last a lifetime. But each trip made my soul yearn for more. For something different. For something that would make my soul feel on fire. I worked to earn money, so I could afford to escape. It felt like a neverending story, a vicious circle. It did not feel right. It did not feel like the life I wanted to live. Was I looking for something I could never have? Or did I simply not have the courage to make my dream a reality and follow the calling?

In 2012, I worked for Mercedes-Benz in Stuttgart, Germany

and travelled through South Africa during my annual holiday. We passed through East London and drove by a Mercedes-Benz star. I distantly remembered that we have a production plant there. For Mercedes-Benz C Classes… content wise very far away from my job back at home where I was employed in the development divison for truck powertrains. Pretty much a different company. Again, I had this brief moment… wondering how it would be to live and work in East London. But it seemed very farfetched… We continued our journey and I did not think about it any further.

About two months later, I browsed the Intranet for jobs

It was a very random act. I was not really looking for anything but felt like I needed some inspiration. And there it was… a job advert for the East London plant. And it fit my job profile perfectly (You must know that these job adverts are very rare!). It was on a Friday in the late afternoon. The time when you are ready to call it a day. And it was the last day on which applications were possible. I found an English CV I had prepared for who knows what. And quickly wrote a motivation letter. I sent it off without any of the requested attachments as I had none of them with me. I sent it off without really thinking much about it. There was simply no time to think. I remember calling one of my best friends and telling her “You know what I just did? I applied for a job in South Africa! I must be a bit out of my mind!” On Monday, they asked me to forward proof of my qualifications. On Tuesday, I was invited for an interview. It took place a week later. And I honestly thought I screwed it up. And I mean what are the chances anyways? Another week later I got a call to inform me that I made it. Damn, I was a bit overwhelmed. And scared…

Six months later I moved.
It was February 2013.
And the beginning of a new life...

Moral of the story: sometimes you got to go for it without overthinking!
You have time to crap your pants later.

Ivonne Grubert

Ivonne Grubert

Read more about my journey through life - from a small town in the northeast of Germany to my soul home South Africa...

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