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Keep healing... it looks good on you!

Gee, having unprotected sex with the wrong guy

led me to contract HIV and being stuck with the consequence of taking a pill my whole life for almost 5 years now.

From the beginning, I had bad vibes about the guy. I knew he was messing around. I had 3 nightmares which were vivid about him – there was a young girl always crying in my dream telling me not to sleep with the guy.

Guess what?

I figured: argh it is just a dream.

Then, I finally left him. After about 4 or 5 months of leaving him, I did my annual medical exam, which included an HIV test and found out I was HIV positive.

Today I have to go to the doctor twice a year for my bi-annual tests to ensure all my organs are in order and to get a script for my ART.

Look, I am living a normal healthy lifestyle,

since HIV is manageable and to my surprise, I needed to get HIV to really start valuing myself and taking better care of myself.

Prior to contracting HIV I had a very low self esteem and after contracting the virus, instead of crying over it, I chose to use it to better the lives of others 😊 and am humbled to say God has used me as a vessel to give hope. What the enemy meant for bad (due to my own negligence, as well) is now used for the good of others.

That's me.

I am healthy and no one can even tell I have HIV. 
When I contracted the virus I remember saying this prayer:
“God, if You help me through this I will save lives, please save me!” 
That was when I found out about HIV and I was so so terrified of living with it.

Little did I know that everything would stay the same, except that I have to take my pill daily. I striked a deal with God right then and there: I promised to make the world a better place by sharing my story and adding value to the lives of others.  I became an HIV advocate, because I could have avoided this and through my story others can be educated and not make the same mistake. I feel that God uses me to save lives.

I share my story not only for awareness purposes but also to let anyone know that we can overcome anything. We are stronger than we always think and feel we are.

I not only went through the pain of being diagnosed with HIV

but went through a year of bullying at a job where I worked. Would you believe I walked away from the job and that in spite of HIV – I would go to bed hungry because I was jobless? But I had the power to go through with it.!

I was so terrified of people

I felt there was nowhere for me to turn to seek help. I was a total mess. But again, God’s grace 😥😥😥 saved me.
I always say to my doctor. “like a cat, I have 9 lives’.

This is my biggest and best smile 💞💞💞 I call it #GodsGrace + when I felt I could smile and look forward to life again

Let us be
and spread love ❤️

There are several morals to my story, first of all:

#Remain celibate


#Follow your gut 😂

On a deeper level...
Please can we be kinder?

We don’t know what people are going through. I am living with HIV, mentally still recovering from the bullying that took place 3 years ago,  but I am stronger than I have ever been in the past year and a half.

Let’s open up so that the world can become a better place 💞🌟💦

Stay Safe ❤️ Stay strong ❣️

Paballo Tsoeu

I do whatever I need to do
as and when for life to improve.
I live in my head…
I write, speak, read and pray a lot.

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