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Looking back...

First of all, I can’t believe I am seventy-two and wonder what has happened

to all the years since I was fifty. In fact, I have wasted them. My husband died in 2001 and since then I have nothing to show for my life. It upsets me, but there you are.

I suppose as you get older you don’t feel the urge to get out there and change the world like you do when you are young. I am quite content to occupy myself with mundane things now but certainly wouldn’t have been when I was under fifty.

I look back and see my life in sections.

Chapters in a book. Each chapter divided up into the life I lead with each of my husbands. It is very strange to see how different these lifestyles turned out to be.

I was only nineteen when I married husband number one.

I was a silly, foolish girl. I should never have married him, but I was lonely for a family, seeing as all my family were dead and gone long before. Of course, it didn’t work out that way as his family did not accept me, so I was just as much alone in that marriage as I had been before.

It was really a non-eventful marriage of just working and passing time. I had a number of very ordinary jobs and nothing was very exciting. I left him because he was a lazy bum who gave up work when we got married and lived off my earnings. I finally came to my senses. There wasn’t exactly an ah-ha moment, as far as I can remember, I just decided I was tired of him spending all his time with his mother who lived next door. I guess I was just plain lonely in that marriage.

My next marriage was an adventure.

Although it didn’t work out, we had eleven full years which I never regretted. I met him in London when I was twenty-one and we lived together for two years before getting married. Seeing as he was Maltese, we went to live in Malta for four years. That was probably the best part of my life even though he was a big-time gambler and I never knew what was going to happen next.

Malta was a dream come true.

Something I shall never forget. Many movies are made in Malta because it is so picturesque and brimming over with history. Once the movie “Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger” was being made in Malta.  Since we were friends with a prominent man on the island, we were invited to all the parties. We even had a party for the crew on our flat roof. I decked it out with candles all around and we hired a band. It was great fun.

Jane Seymour was the star of that movie.

We got to know her well. She even gave up her hotel room and came to live with us for the duration of the filming. I remember her brushing her long hair in the bathroom. She was the nicest person you could ever meet, and we went for dinner a couple of times at her house when we went back to London.

From there we went to Scotland and I became a nurse.

That was a good time in my life, too, but his gambling accelerated. He gambled away our house, so we had to move back to London and start again. That’s when the marriage fell apart, but we remained friends for years after that.

At thirty-two I met my third husband in London.

He fixed my washing machine. Seeing as he was from America, we ended up living in the US and that’s where I am now. Prior to that we had many great adventures. I sold my house in London and bought a two-hundred-year-old bed and breakfast in Cornwall by the sea. It was my dream house, but we sold it to come to the US.

When we arrived in Miami in 1990, we bought a motor home and toured the States for five years.

Then we went to Europe for six months and did the same. We had many adventures in nine countries in Europe and made a lot of good friends. When that came to an end, we sold the RV and decided to come back to the States as we couldn’t put our dog Ziggy in quarantine for six months in England. It was just too long.

So, my husband, me and Ziggy came back to Tucson, Arizona where we were going to buy a house. Unfortunately, the house prices had gone up too much, so we ended up in the Hill Country in Texas, which is where I live now.

Tragedy struck in 2001 when my husband committed suicide

and life was very difficult for a long time. However, you learn to accept your fate and that is what I did. I have made friends and tried to fit in with the community which has been very difficult as I am a Londoner in Texas.

Of course, many other things happened in my life – indeed I could write a series of books.

That is how I look back and I don’t regret a thing.

To be continued...

Sally Alter

My days are very busy now that I am retired! I write on an International question and answer web site, most days and usually answer my comments first thing in the morning. That is the best part of my day.

Afterwards, I work on my non-fiction book about bipolar disorder – almost finished now. It should be published on Kindle in a few weeks. 

My evenings are usually spent drawing. I write poetry and have had many published. One day, I shall gather all my poems together in book form.

I am originally from London and never imagined I would live in Texas. I have lived in four countries in the world and traveled to many more. 

At 73, my life has just begun.

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