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What do you do?

when you turn 40 and you wonder if you should continue with your career and the answer is NO?

This was me, Andreas Scholz in 2010.

Many things ran in a routine manner, the main focus of my employer was always the same and there was a genuine lack of a challenge. Quitting after 12 years as a planner/in-house trainer at Daimler is rather unusual. Everyone knows that you don’t just quit “Daimler“. You stay there until you retire and take advantage of the opportunities and great benefits that a global corporation has to offer.

Actually I wanted to be a chef,

but because of my rather frail spine, I was inspired by my older brother and started studying engineering. It has always been my thing to optimize things and look for easy solutions. Even as a 15-year-old part-time worker in a nursery, I managed to reduce a job that originally took 4 hours to 1.75 hours. My boss at the time began to wonder, because this unloved task (slaving away in long-sleeved clothing plus a mouth guard in a sweltering greenhouse) was paid a flat rate of 52.40DM. My calculated hourly wage thus increased from DM 13 to DM 30. That was very, very much in 1986! However, it seemed somehow unfair to him to reduce the wage to a normal level, since after all it was my earnings.

Lean consultant bei Daimler

It was this optimization energy that made me successful first, as a planner and later as an internal lean consultant at Daimler. The one-year training as a lean trainer in 2005 provided me with a real firework of inspiration and tools. From then on, I had an extremely extensive repertoire at my disposal for the “easy” and effective optimization of processes.


It was precisely this repertoire coupled with the desire for “something new” that drew me in 2010 to self-employment. A hospital was looking for an internal lean consultant. After a short consultation with the managing director, we jointly came to the decision that an external consultancy would be the better route. “The hospital is certainly too small for you in the long run?! Would you rather be my consultant?”
So in 2010, I founded LeanGo. A Lean consulting and training firm primarily specializing in hospitals and the healthcare industry. Clients steadily approached me and I refined and expanded my range of services.
I developed training formats for the education of internal consultants, gave lectures and wrote a book on the topic of Lean in hospitals. The market always offered very little or nothing in each of the topics, so I seized the opportunity and developed servicesin order to satisfy the customer’s needs myself. A classic win-win situation.

Communications Trainer/Moderator

Over the years of working in processes improvement , I came to the realization that lean tools and processes understanding can only become really powerful if the organization, the group, the person and the topic are addressed at the same time. Training as a communications trainer/moderator provided the necessary knowledge required. I am convinced that the human being as a whole, in his professional context, is more important than a single technique. If one wants to solve problems, then the entire system must be tackled.

Inspire customers

My mission is to inspire customers with our expertise. I think it’s great when long-term partnerships develop, customers ask for further/additional services, we are recommended to others or asked for personal advice because of the trust relationship that has developed. That is something I am very proud of.

Quadrant Academy

This is exactly how Dominik, Xavier and I came up with the idea of Quadrant Academy. Content-perfect training in a holistic context, with highly motivated trainers who can draw on extensive experience, is our USP.
We develop processes and personalities and offer help to self-help.
There is an essential difference between consulting and training. With consulting, you are only there for a short period of time and often only see short snippets and very limited areas. In training, you are with people more intensively and holistically. Within a group, you can learn from each other, and with each other, thus develop the person in his or her entirety. Several channels are addressed at the same time and a more profound experience is achieved.
Our trainings are often a lot of fun for the participants and there is a lot of laughter.

New Impulses

Privately, as well as in business, I am always looking for new impulses and new challenges. 

I started piano lessons 3 years ago. I am convinced that sometime, within the next few years, I will compose my own music. Since I didn’t know any sheet music and had never played a musical instrument, I had to start from scratch.

I have also been an avid beekeeper for the past year. Bees simply fascinate me. This cooperation, organization, perfection, uniformity, the pleasant buzzing, the beauty of the combs, the delicious honey, the infinite importance for the plants… If that is not impressive, what is?!

Dream Trail Hike

In 2014, I decided to join the famous “Dream Trail Hike” (the little brother of the Jacob`s Path). The goal was to hike from Munich to Venice. Together with a friend I started in August. Despite an unfortunate start – my friend had a sore foot on the second day, so I had to walk alone for a few days – and despite an abrupt end, because I had to give up after two weeks of knee pain, it was for me, the journey of my soul. Taking time for myself and just switching off and enjoying nature and the peace and quiet was wonderful! The mindless walking turned thoughts inward and I experienced that pleasantly draining exertion. The magnificent radiance of the mountains made my own world seem quite small. 

There was the feeling that everything was following a grand plan. The initial ponderings became insignificant. At the end of the day, people were positively exhausted and happy to have completed the stage. At dinner we sat together with complete strangers, reflected on the day and had interesting conversations. There were all types and professions: doctor, lawyer, musician, book author, engineer, student, physiotherapist, salesman, consultant. The mood was one of mutual interest, curiosity and caring. Everyone helped everyone. WhatsApp groups were created, addresses were exchanged and further meetings were arranged. The book author sent me a signed book, a few weeks after the trip. So, in addition to the many beautiful photos and experiences, I could also take a few passages as a lasting memory.

Check out my preview video story!

Andreas Scholz

Andreas Scholz

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