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The idea is to die young as late as possible

Ashley Montagu

I’m 70+ and I regret not understanding that life is finite until I was about 55 years old.

Until then, I really believed I’d live forever.

In my teens, the idea of dying of old age was unimaginable. I didn’t see old people as remotely related to me. I was young and would remain so forever. They were old and had only existed as old people. The old and the young were different species.

However, while I regret not understanding something as simple as the ageing process,

it’s stood me in good stead. Because, while I am 70+, and I am aware that I’m a person who’s older than most, my mind and body still occupy young space. Possibly because I have never embraced the concept of old age.

I love the quote : “best to die young as late as possible !”

Having said that, had I realized life was finite, I might have taken more care of it and not taken drugs, not spent years having nervous breakdowns, not wasted time with people who were negative influences etc.

It’s a difficult one……. Because if I’d adopted the latter approach,

I might have had a very boring life. As it is, I’ve had a rather riveting life with several careers from Fine Artist, model, fashion designer to Philosophy lecturer. And, for the past 15 years, I’ve run my own holiday rental business, punctuated with a bit of media and modeling.

There are always regrets in life….. I tortured pets unwittingly, I was forced by circumstance to return a dog I was looking after (and who loved me) to its cruel owner, I couldn’t comfort my mother in her dying hours because of our terrible relationship…… the list is endless.

One must learn ALWAYS to look for silver linings.

To accept that bad things happen.

To learn from your mistakes.

And to appreciate every single good moment that comes your way.

Norma R. Williams

Owner at
Spoleto, Umbria, Italy

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