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Paths are made by walking them.

Give the beggar a fish and he will no longer be hungry for the day, teach him to fish and he will never be hungry again."

It can be challenging,

To start something new in life. Whether it’s a new project, a new business or just a new endeavor. It’s very similar to a journey: full of excitement, new experiences, thrilling adventures and challenges. That’s how I felt when I left my secure job as a trainer for internal process optimization consulting at a well-known automotive manufacturer in Stuttgart and embarked on my new business partnership with Dominik. It was the excitement of taking a train ride that was full of opportunities, growth and new experiences.

But let's start from the beginning.

My name is Xavier Schambil, and on my fantasy train ride, I am the person responsible for ensuring that each itinerary is successfully customized and completed according to the wishes and expectations of our clients.

From physician to engineer.

Initially I wanted to become a physician because I wanted to help people, and that seemed to be the best way to do it. After graduating from high school with a major in science, I studied medicine for 2 years. I then realized that the medical profession is heavily influenced by commercial decisions and not about only helping people. When I realized this, I decided to become an engineer. As an engineer, I can help many more people, designing more powerful products and simpler processes, or teaching people how to solve complex problems using simple but effective methods.

Metal building sets and Legos

I developed this mindset already as a little boy. I always enjoyed playing with metal building sets or the Lego system. I still have enormous fun putting the various parts together, or taking them apart again, to create something new and better. I still keep that playful mindset today, choosing the best tools and supplies to easily solve a problem or combining tools to achieve the highest possible efficiency.

German GEO Award Factory of the Year

After I had finished my studies in France and in Germany, as a graduate engineer, and many new Lego bricks were available, it was time to put this knowledge into practice.
Directly at my first employer I built my most recognized Lego construction. This resulted in us entering the German GEO Award Factory of the Year in 2002 and winning 1st place in the category “Best Series Manufacturer”.
As project manager, supported by my motivated team, we managed to optimize the logistics and manufacturing processes, so that we were able to reduce the material stock in the factory from 21 to 3.5 days in a stable way without production bottlenecks. The project conditions were anything but favorable: the relocation of the production facilities and warehouses had to be carried out in reduced areas during ongoing operations. In addition, no additional inventory was to be built up and ongoing production was not to be affected. The times back then were stressful and labor-intensive, but today, as then, I think positively of that time whenever I think of the super team, the great cooperation and the outstanding award.

Lean Six-Sigma Method

After 5 years with the company, I became more and more aware that I enjoy process optimization and the implementation of production systems, and that I have the best qualifications for them.
At my next employer, I implemented a global production system that generated savings in the double-digit millions every year. There I deepened my knowledge in Lean Management as well, as in Six Sigma. After internalizing and combining these two methods, I moved to the large car manufacturer in Stuttgart.
There, I was also certified as a Master Black Belt and was responsible as a manager for Lean Six Sigma training worldwide for our internal consultants in the truck division. In addition, I integrated the topic of change management/systemic consulting into the Lean Six Sigma method .

Change Management

I loved combining my knowledge of problem-solving techniques with change management to motivate people not only to generate solutions, but also to ensure acceptance for their implementation.
This combination of Six Sigma, Lean and Change Management very quickly led to sustainable and impressive project results.
One of my greatest successes is bringing a problem that had existed for 20 years, to resolution within 3 months – just by using a structured approach to shatter false myths that project participants had believed for years. When project participants learned the facts, an effective solution was found within one meeting. After same-day implementation, the problem never reoccurred.


When I met Dominik, he had the same function as me, only in the passenger car division. Very soon we realized that we both shared the same enthusiasm for process optimization.

Coming back to our train ride, Dominik is the one who plans every aspect of the trip. I like to use my combination skills in sticky situations, to creatively solve any chaos that may arise. Together we managed to have the Six Sigma training, which we trained and developed in tandem, rated as the best course by the participants within a year.

All projects realized with this combination were much more efficient and successful than single projects with only Lean, Six Sigma or Change.
Interest in our combination of methods grew very quickly. Internal consultants we had trained and coached at the time, who moved to other companies, asked us to train their new colleagues and employees.
At that moment, we both knew that our unique approach needed to be made available to more people in other companies. This recognition is the driving force that made me leave my then secure job.
Dominik and I partnered in 2018 and founded our company Six SigmaLean Consulting .

Six Sigma Lean Consulting

What our customers appreciate about our training concept, in addition to the use of field-tested tools, is that we are able to convey complex inter-relationships in a way that is easy to understand.
In project coaching, we help our customers specifically select the most efficient tools for the given situation, or requirements.
I have never regretted this decision, even though, for longer periods of time, we have resigned ourselves to 16-hour workdays, 7-day workweeks.
I enjoy my work, and time doesn’t matter when I’m working on an idea or problem.
I not only help people succeed, but I also give them the tools to help themselves.

"Give the beggar a fish and he will no longer be hungry for the day, teach him to fish and he will never be hungry again."

Life philosophy and indoor climbing

Although, most of the time, I look at things from different angles, nevertheless, my philosophy of life is simple:
No matter what I do, I have to be proud of my reflection in the mirror.
Besides Lean Six Sigma, there are other subjects I devote myself to.
I love my daughter Kiara more than anything, so even during intense work phases, I always find time to be with her.
In my free time, I love indoor climbing and I love to cook, it’s my French heritage, even if too much good food is counterproductive when climbing.
I am convinced that my friends would say of me that I am someone they can always count on. This includes punctuality and this punctuality has led to my considerable collection of speeding tickets (never more than 15 km/hr) to always be on time for an appointment!
These are already all my vices!

Xavier Schambil

Xavier Schambil

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