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Coincidence or fate?

Fate shuffles the cards and we play.

Arthur Schopenhauer

For 15, maybe 20 years,

I always reserve seat 7C when I fly. It is not symbolic, it is not superstition, it is neither rational nor irrational.
After I was offered this seat maybe two – or three times in a row by chance, I consciously started to book only this seat myself.

A habit no more nor less! A stubbornness of mine?

However, the last time I said to myself, I should make an exception and choose a seat at the emergency exit doors, where a longer trip must be more comfortable, because it offers more foot space. As a result, I booked 12C and was looking forward to the flight. When the day of departure came and I presented myself for boarding at the gate, I was handed a small slip of paper.

I immediately asked: what is this?
The answer was lapidary:
Your new seat!

My seat had changed.

7C was on the note!

Mihai M.

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