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Trustpoint Human.

I am Carmen
Founder & Chief Storyteller

What makes us human?
Not only the ability to work and cooperate together, but also the collection of our individual stories.
Together through our stories, we have the chance to build something bigger than ourselves.
WirSindDu (WeAreYou) is a collection of stories that brings us together.
One story at a time.

Bring your passion to life!

Each one of us has a story. Regardless of whether we are a company or private individual. Stories are valuable sources of inspiration, motivation, identification and learning. For me, they are fascination! The great thing is that everyone can learn from each other’s experiences. Stories make a difference in someone’s life and by doing so, the world becomes a better place. That’s what motivates me. You can read my story here. 

I am Adrian
Managing Director

The only constant in life is change.


Human in Focus!

During my career in various interdisciplinary fields, I have always been guided by the same principle: The human factor. For me, people are the most important asset.

In my management career, I have strived to do the right thing for the people. That is one of the reasons why WirSindDu has become part of my life.

You can read an episode of my life here.

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