"Storytelling" is not what we do, it's who we are. - WirSindDu

Why do we love stories?

We are the authors of our own stories

Children are told stories to get them to sleep - adults to wake them up.

Jorge Bucay

Since we humans have been around, there have been stories

Stories are the form in which human knowledge has been passed on since the beginning of time. Stories existed even before the discovery of writing. Before we had books, we had stories. Stories were transmitted from generation to generation. The history of mankind has been passed on through stories. Stories teach us, help us learn from mistakes, they show us what is possible. They conveyed values, customs and teachings. Later on stories became entertainment. Telling stories is a logical method by which our brain recognizes and processes information. We learn instinctively from the moral which a story teaches us. 

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Our brain is programmed to tell stories.

Stories engage several parts of our brain. In addition to the areas dealing with language and logic, stories activate the emotional, the sensory part of our brain. According to a study by the Atlanta Emory Institute …” reading an action activates the same areas of the brain as performing the action,” so if you read a story about feeling good, you will actually feel good.

Stories move and connect us.

Regardless of whether the objective of the story is business or personal, they have the power to connect our emotions with the logical. We remember stories because they connect with our emotions. 

In a content-crowded world, stories attract our attention. They are transmissible. They inspire us to search for similar and comparable experiences in our memory. 

The characters of a story show us what is possible within ourselves because we identify with the protagonists. The weaknesses of the characters cause empathy and compassion within us.

What makes a good story?

Above all authenticity. We have enough of clichéd stories. Personal stories are powerful, unique and authentic. There is only one you, there is nothing more unique than your own story and experience. Your personal story encompasses your experience and is like a fingerprint that is entirely yours.

Just like children who learn from stories, we as adults are set up to learn from the moral of stories. Stories transport us on a mental journey. We are motivated and inspired by the stories we read. Ultimately, it’s all about identification. We identify with the stories that draw on similar experiences. Stories that touch us the most, are those that reflect our fears, hopes and experiences. We find these stories credible.

Stories are therapy.

When we tell stories, we feel free. They work like a therapy session. We feel liberated and satisfied, we have overcome barriers. We could teach other people something by showing our strengths and weaknesses, by showing our emotional side. We show our vulnerability. That is therapeutic!

Important thinking points:

  • When you share your story, you can help others.
  • Sharing can help you find your voice. 
  • By sharing your story you affirm your own values. 
  • Stories can change the world, one story at a time. 

Do you feel like sharing a story?

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